Life Coaching Services

I highly recommend Samuel's life coaching service. I have known Samuel
personally for many years. He is very caring and sincere and has a deep
passion for helping others. He has helped me to grow on my life's journey
and achieve more personal fulfillment.
He is knowledgeable and is able to provide tools for the person to better
help themselves, his sensitivity and compassion help him connect to
those looking for help while his strong leadership and mentoring style
make him an ideal coach.
                                             Robert  S.

I met Samuel while in the middle of a horrible divorce, I was isolating
myself from friends and family, feeling sorry and insecure, he provided
me with the tools to overcome that  challenging time in my life. From the
moment I met him, he listened to me with real concern and was able to
identify the fears and insecurities  that were holding me back.

Thank you Samuel.
                                            Leonor  R.

I have known Samuel for almost three years. He was my Teacher and
later my Mentor at a Corporate level, he is a professional, caring  and
compassionate person.
                                            Julian Roberts.