- First session (free, 1 hour)
 This  is an assessment session,  where we will discuss your
 expectations and goals along with my coaching style to  
 determine if we are a good match as a team.

- After free assessment meeting...

*Each session : 1 hour/$100 (in person or over the phone)

*1 month commitment  : 4 sessions/$300 (in person or over the
  phone,  email consultations between sessions)      
  I  recommend my clients to enter a 1 month commitment  or more
  to achieve more sound results.       

ome of my clients are Business  Professionals, Parents,
Students and members of the LGBT community that are
facing challenges regarding:
 - Divorce, Separation.
 - Personal Growth (self-esteem, self acceptance, etc).
 - Family Dynamics, Conflict resolution, communication skills,   

All services a
re offered in English or Spanish.  
Life Coaching Services

Packages and fees

"Your  life has  a
special purpose
regardless of what
the environment is"

       Herb True