My name is Samuel.

I am originally from Venezuela and moved to this beautiful country 15 years
ago, making south Florida  my home. I reside in Deerfield Beach and have
an undergraduate degree in Education and in Psychology, my professional
experience ranges from Elementary School Teacher, Hotel Manager,
Group Facilitator for teens and their parents, to Corporate Trainer.

I have been able to travel internationally for the past 15 years and  being in
contact with so many ways of lives has made me more aware and sensitive
to the vast  diversity of human thinking. I am a believer that MIND, BODY
and SPIRIT must be in balance in order for us to achieve our full potential
allowing us to live more productive lives.

I am a member of the International Association of Coaching.
(membership # 111987, click link below for more info) and invite you
to contact me and allow me to participate in the wonderful journey of your
self discovery, your life coach you and I will be    
"working in your present, concentrating on your tomorrow"
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